Visiting Langley Lodge

On July 30th, 2019 we had the opportunity to visit Langley Lodge which is located at 5451 204 Street in Langley and receive a tour of the building with a Langley Volunteers director, Rudy Storteboom and CEO at Langley Lodge, Debra Hauptman.

When we arrived, we were greeted by an open, warmly lit room full of tables, which we would get a better look at when we returned over the course of our tour. Langley Lodge is a long-term care facility that has the goal of providing a space where seniors in their care can feel comfortable and at home. It is the first of its kind that opened in Langley, driven to create and maintain a local resource that the city had once desperately needed. Now, Langley Lodge has been expanded to two times its original building size, although the junction was hardly noticeable when we crossed the threshold.

As of now, the average resident age is 85, and 70% use wheelchairs. Langley Lodge provides service through their various mean, such as physiotherapy and hair styling provided by staff at the lodge. There are many different activities at the lodge as well, including art therapy given by some of the staff.

We took a tour through the upper floor, which has several activity rooms with tables and in the case of that floor, and a small selection of plants and gardening supplies. Langley Lodge believes that it is important to provide access to new learning opportunities and hobbies. Activities and events range from jigsaw puzzle solving to art to gardening! Often, this is a catalyst for new friendships alongside new interests which are important for people of all ages.

Once we’d explored the upper floors, we returned to the “bistro”, where we had originally entered. It’s where families can come visit their relatives who are residing at the lodge. Other residents include a trio of budgies and Walter the guinea pig, all of whom are cared for by the staff and volunteers at the lounge, and who can visit with families and residents alike.

Finally, we went out to the garden, which is tended by master gardeners from VanDusen in conjunction with volunteers interested in maintaining it. While staff provides ongoing care for residents, ensuring their health, volunteers are instrumental in helping with the programs that residents can enjoy during their time at the lodge.

To volunteer with Langley Lodge, you can apply online to volunteer on their website with a short application, and continue to support this fantastic space for Langley seniors!

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