A Look Inside the Langley Animal Protection Society

Written by: Deb Dolton

Photographed by: Ozden

Compiled by: Alyssa Lait

Deb Dolton and Ozden.

Deb and Ozden from the Langley Volunteer Bureau had an informative and fun visit at the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) on March 19, 2019 with Emily Bush who is the Marketing and Administrative Coordinator.

We thoroughly enjoyed and were impressed on our facility tour. We found the environment where the cat and dogs reside to be phenomenal.

Dogs have their own separate kennel rooms and cats who like to have their privacy live in unique condos where they can sleep, eat, and perch/jump and then communal rooms for those who like to socialize with fully enclosed outdoor exercise area.

Some of the “condos” at the LAPS.

It blew us both away that the dogs receive a minimum of 6 daily exercise sessions in their play-yards and social interaction with volunteer dog walkers. Emily mentioned they have two dedicated dog walkers who have been coming to LAPS five days a week for 15 years! They have a wonderful woodland environment with trails for the dog walks. They even have a “Tummy Rubbing” room where dogs can receive TLC after surgery or when they need that one on one time.

A unique program called “The Dog House” is a partnership between LAPS and the Canadian Correctional Service located on the grounds of the Fraser Valley Institution, a federal prison for women in Abbotsford. The program provides much needed services to members of the public (boarding services), sheltered dogs(training) and provides job skill training for offenders under the leadership of a professional trainer.

How many cats can you spot in this snapshot we got at the LAPS?

A new cat intake and isolation facility, “IS Oasis”, has opened up dedicated to providing medical care for ill and injured cats – the first of its kind in Canada!

How can you help as a volunteer at LAPS?

  • More kennel cleaners to assist staff in the morning hours are needed at present.
  • Other jobs available to you are:
    • Dog Walking Program
    • Cat & Kitten Foster Home
    • Community events and fundraising events
    • Reception team
    • Yard maintenance

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