Cards for Seniors

How ‘Caring Cards for Seniors’ started

The isolation caused by COVID-19 has affected so many people in our community especially our seniors. To help during this difficult time, the Langley Volunteer Bureau has partnered with Langley Schools to have students create personalized cards that are mailed or delivered to seniors in Langley. Students of all ages, either made or added a message to a card for a senior. So far all the caring cards have been well received by our senior community.

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About the Program

  • Our goal is to deliver cards to over 3,000 seniors four times a year: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Remembrance Day, and Christmas.
  • We raise funds through grants, donations and sponsorships to provide all the supplies to participating schools and youth groups.
  • We coordinate volunteers to drop off and pickup cards to/from schools or youth groups.
  • We manage the list of seniors that will receive the cards, and ensure all cards are delivered.
  • We continue to improve on our program and add more options. For example, starting at Christmas we will offer groups to submit their own art work to be printed on cards and postcards!
Our next delivery will be for Remembrance Day!
  • Each participating group will receive a sign-up sheet to tell us what types of cards and how many of each they need.
  • The available card kits are:
    • Pre-printed or hand-made cards to write in.
    • Blank cards to decorate and write in.
    • Pre-printed or hand-made postcards to write on.
    • Blank postcards to decorate and write on.
  • Each card kit comes with:
    • Inspiration sheet with ideas to decorate and also for the message itself.
    • Envelopes for each card with the first name of the senior.
    • Option to have art supply kits supplied, which will include embellishments to use to help decorate the cards.

Want to support this program?

We are looking for the following groups to help us with the Cards for Seniors program:

Langley schools or youth groups/clubs interested in making cards for seniors!

Langley Organizations that care for seniors and would like our youth to make cards for seniors.

Business sponsors to help cover the costs for one of the four card occasions.

Volunteers to help pickup, drop off, and mail cards.

Individuals who would like to donate card-making supplies or hand-made cards for the four occasions.

Please email us at


We are looking for volunteers interested in dropping off and picking up card supplies at Langley schools and youth groups four times a year. This would also include delivering cards in the community through drop-off and mail.

Click here to go to to register to help with the Cards for Seniors program!

Donate Art Supplies

Card-making supplies can be dropped at Clipper Street Scrapbook Company in Langley.

All supplies should be appropriate for making Valentine's, Easter, Christmas or Remembrance Day cards.

We are in need of the following supplies:

  • Cards – 4.25” x 5.5”
  • Envelopes (A2) 4 3/8” x 5 3/8
  • Cardstock
  • Die cuts (card size) – hearts, Christmas trees, candy canes, poppies, Santa, holly, wreaths, Easter eggs, bunnies, etc.
  • Embellishments
  • Adhesive – liquid glue, glue sticks/pens, photo adhesive, tape runners
  • Patterned paper
  • Coloured markers
  • Journaling pens
  • Plastic stencils

We will not accept any supplies that require additional tools such as eyelets, embossing powders, etc.

Donate Hand-made Cards

We accept hand-made cards that are standard letter size that can be mailed with regular postage with an envelope, or cards that can fit into 4 3/8″ x 5 3/8″ envelopes. We take care of the postage and addressing the letters and our youth will write personal messages to our seniors!

Please email to let us know how many cards you will be donating and for which holiday.

Sponsor Our Program

If you are business, charitable society or individual who would like to help support our program please email to let us know how you would like to help! We need to raise over $10,000 each year to bring 3,000 cards to our seniors on these four occasions!

The Langley School District Foundation will accept donations for this program via PayPal/Credit Card. All proceeds go directly to paying for card supplies and for every dollar donated, one seniors receives a card!

Bringing Joy to Langley Seniors!

At Christmas over 650 seniors received personalized cards from students from two elementary schools, a middle school and high school in Aldergrove. The seniors included Aldergrove Legion members, local senior centre members, a seniors care facility, two senior apartment buildings and a seniors low income complex.

Karen and Bonnie mailing cards at Christmas to the members of the Royal Canadian Legion #265 Aldergrove who are over 70 years old

For Valentine’s Day cards were sent to the same seniors that received the cards for Christmas in addition to senior clients of Langley Meals on Wheels and Langley Seniors Resource Centre. Students from R.E. Mountain Secondary also joined the ‘Cards for Seniors’ project for Valentine’s Day.

Our senior clients absolutely loved it!

Shannon Woykin, Executive Director of Langley Meals on Wheels

We are in discussions with our school liaison to increase the number of Langley schools participating in ‘Cards for Seniors’ and we are hopeful to greatly increase our reach to seniors in both the City and Township of Langley and provide cards that are designed by students four times a year – Remembrance Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.