Langley Senior Resources Society

The Langley Senior Resources Society is a non-for-profit charity in which provides health, food, and recreational services for seniors and adults of all abilities. The Board of Directors who work or live in the Langley community are leaders of The Society. Over 30 staff and 200 volunteers are employed and dedicate their time and talent to The Society!

Volunteers are needed to help with:

  • Interacting with all seniors
  • Providing transportation and serving meals
  • Creative tasks
  • Office / computer work
  • Basic tasks / multitasking
  • Supporting the work of the society (fundraising, etc.)

To connect people 50+ with recreation, resources and programs designed to meet individual and specific needs and improve their quality of life.

Langley Senior Resources Society

Langley Senior Resources Society’s Mission

  • Their mission is “to deliver services through a holistic approach aimed at meeting the emotional, physical and social needs of seniors and their families.”
  • They envision a “community in which all seniors are supported and empowered to socialize, learn and enjoy life.”
  • Caring, respect, empathy, independence, safety, and equality is greatly valued.

Programs Offered

  • Recreation: This program invites any mature adults, seniors, and their families access to education support, recreation, and community networks. A membership is required to be a part of most activities at LSRS.
  • Adult Day Program: Offers a range of activities to help seniors and adults with disabilities live independently while creating a safe and caring environment. For more information, call 778-328-2302 or email
  • Outreach Services: This program provides services for seniors in Langley to help them stay connected to the community and keep their independence. Find new friends, activities, and reconnect!
  • Dining Room: Offers meals in which many can dine-in, take out, and relax! Balanced meal plates are available as well as take home meals ($7.00 each).
  • Hydrosound Bathing Program: Hydrosound baths improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and rejuvenate skin. Appointments are booked in advance (lasting 45 mins long, $15.00 per appointment).

Volunteering at Langley Senior Resources Society is fun, energizing, and rewarding!

Become a Valued Volunteer

  • Fill out an application in person or online
  • Share any skills you possess and why you want to volunteer
  • Provide a clear Criminal Record Review (at local RCMP office or online)
  • Attend the orientation / training
  • Complete a personal review

Orientation / Training

  • Occurs three times a year (winter, late spring, fall)
  • Sessions cover:
    • Overview of Langley Senior Resources Society
    • Communication skills and assertiveness training
    • Social isolation / what is it?
    • Elder abuse awareness
    • Volunteer position descriptions

Join the journey and gain a rewarding and enjoyable volunteer experience!