Hope For Children Thrift Store

Hope For Children Thrift Store raises funds for the care and education of children living in four orphanages in Mexico. Every purchase and donation goes towards this, as well as the help and support from the community and volunteers. Additionally, every dollar donated to the Vancouver’s BC Children’s hospital.

Volunteers and support are always needed to assist with:

  • Sorting, testing, cleaning, and pricing items
  • Managing the cash register
  • Stocking, assisting, and tidying up the store
  • Spreading the word
  • Being involved with donating and shopping

Support the Hope For Children Thrift Store in many different ways!

  • JOIN: Become a volunteer and help out!
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Encourage family and friends to get involved too by donating, shopping, and volunteering!
  • HELP OUT: Assist in the store by stocking shelves, managing the cash register, or tidying up. Even in the back of the store, cleaning items, testing and pricing, or sorting. All help is needed!

Every dollar and minute volunteered counts!

Help out in any way to contribute to a great cause and community!

Their Mission

  • To raise money to go towards the education and care of children in Mexico living in four orphanages. This can be accomplished from the donations and support received by volunteers and the community!
  • Every dollar donated goes towards a child in need, and a yearly donation to the Vancouver BC Children’s Hospital.

Covid-19 Protocols

The wellbeing of all customers and volunteers are cared for!
  • The store is limited to 25 customers inside at a time
  • Social distancing, sanitizing hands and shopping carts, and wearing masks are highly encouraged


Hope For Children Thrift Store