Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services provides lifesaving products and services in transfusion and transplantation for Canadian patients, and safeguards Canada’s systems of life essentials in blood, plasma, stem cells, and organs and tissues.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Donor Centre Volunteers
  • Volunteer Leaders
  • In-Community Volunteers & Public Awareness
  • ABO Typers

As a volunteer of the Canadian Blood Services, you will also be part of Canada’s lifeline!

Why Volunteer?

  • Canadian Blood Services provides the training and tools needed to help you succeed as a volunteer.
  • They give you a meaningful and rewarding role that suits you, tools you need to perform your tasks, and provides support as well as a corporate insurance policy.
  • Whether you’re supporting donors during the process, recruiting others, or helping out with any other task, your time and dedication is greatly appreciated.


  • Donor Centre Volunteers: Happily greet donors, make conversation, and accompany them throughout their donation process. Make them feel welcome and comfortable, giving care and attention.
  • Volunteer Leaders: Assist with coordinating, hosting, and promoting blood donation events in local communities.
  • In-Community Volunteers & Public Awareness: Promote donation events and recruit new donors in local communities. Join the Speaker’s Bureau to further help promote the need for donors.
  • ABO Typers: Provide information on various blood types, perform typing on individuals, and promote the importance to donate blood.

  • Financial Donations: Financial gifts will help save a life and bring hope for a brighter tomorrow. Visit their website to donate.
  • Become a Partner: By partnering with Canadian Blood Services, your organization can raise awareness, organize a group blood donation, host a blood donation event, and set an annual blood donation pledge.
  • Volunteer!

Other Ways to Support Canadian Blood Services

Volunteer with Canadian Blood Services to help save lives!