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Fort National Historic Site


Bring history to life! Parks Canada is looking for dedicated individuals to create lasting memories and amazing experiences for visitors, alongside Parks Canada employees.

Our volunteer program offers a wide variety of experiences, duties and roles at the national historic site. Fort Langley attracts 100,000 visitors from BC and around the world each year. Help showcase what life was really like as a fur trader in the 1800s and learn more about the history British Columbia.

Volunteer at the Fort National Historic site as a community volunteer by sharing your talents and connect with locals, tourists and youth by volunteering in our charming fort – where BC became BC

Volunteer activities include: Outdoor oven Baker or Cook, Volunteer Newsletter Editor, Costuming Assistant, Farm Animal Assistant, Gardener, Blacksmith Apprentice, Fire Pit Attendant, Greeter, Children’s Activities Assistant, Parking Attendant, Promotional Outreach Assistant or Village Greeter, Living History Animator, Event Photographer, Mascot Wearer and Grounds Assistant. Click on the logo above for more details.

Complete the on-line volunteer application and email to FTLvolunteers@pc.gc.ca or by caling 604-513-4782

If you contact the Fort Langley Historic Site directly, please tell them that you were referred by the Langley Volunteer Bureau.

2 thoughts on “Fort Langley National Historic Site

  1. I sent an email listing volunteer experiences because I couldn’t find the application. I’m hoping to be considered for volunteer work at the Fort Langley National Historic Site.

    1. Hi Marilyn

      Thank you for your email.

      Would it be okay for us to forward your email to the Fort National Historic Site and request they contact you?


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