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Critter Care Society


Critter Care Wildlife Society areas of constant need include:

  1. Fundraising: Whether you are a gopher or a team leader we need you in all areas of fundraising!
  2. Animal care:  (Please note there is limited or no contact with animals in these positions and the jobs are often dirty and smelly!) (We feed dead chicks and rabbits to our carnivores and you must be comfortable with the handling of these to work in food prep) Cleaning cages, laundry, food prep, washing dishes, washing animal carriers, disposing of garbage
  3. Landscaping: We are in constant need of those of you who love gardening and just like being outdoors to keep our landscaping looking healthy and attractive for the screening of enclosers and the overall health of the environment. Donations of native deciduous trees, coniferous trees and native flowers are always appreciated.
  4. Education:  If you have an interest in assisting us to grow our education programs please contact our Education Coordinators for details!
  5. Marketing: If you wish to offer support in the area of marketing and or grant writing please submit proposals in writing to volunteer@crittercarewildlife.org.
  6. Legal and Accounting Board Governance:  Wildlife laws are dynamic in Nature and there are many areas of liability that can affect an institution of our size we are always in need of legal and accounting support
  7. Celebrity: Whether you are a local debutante or an international star we need your support either through voluntary appearance or donation of memorabilia. Contact us today!
  8. Construction, Electrical, Plumbing and Maintenance:  As a result of human encroachment on Wildlife and the wear and tear from the volume of animals we see each year Critter Care is in perpetual growth mode, building new cages, plumbing new cages, repairing and replacing old ones,remodeling and enhancing our examination facilities as well as general maintenance to the physical plant on the whole. If you can use a paint brush or swing a hammer come see us we have something for you to do!

Contact Critter Care at 604-530-2054 or email: volunteer@crittercarewildlife.org.

If you contact them directly, please let them know that the Langley Volunteer Bureau referred you.

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