Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association

Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association is dedicated to enriching the lives and to developing the full potential of children and adults. They offer therapeutic horseback riding, hippotherapy (physiotherapy on a horse), traditional physiotherapy, and counselling as well as Equine Assisted Learning programs for groups and families. Therapy horses have an incredible power to heal; their sensitivity to the environment around them, their calm, quiet demeanour, and fluid movement make them perfect for many types of therapy. Working with their equine partners in an unbiased, nonjudgmental setting provides a unique and effective alternative to traditional therapeutic modalities. 

Typical Volunteer Roles


The Leader’s primary responsibility is to control of the horse. The Leader must have the ability to recognize potential problems and take appropriate action to avoid an adverse reaction; ensure proper leading techniques; and be quiet with their hands in order to be effective and not cause stress and pain to the horse’s mouth.

Side Walker

The Side Walker’s primary responsibility is the safety of the rider. The Side Walker assists the rider in maintaining a balanced and secure position, with the amount of intervention and support varying depending upon the rider’s ability. The Side Walker passes along the comments or needs expressed to them by the rider to the instructor, and may also be asked to assist the rider during mounting and dismounting.

Story Teller

As a Valley Storyteller, you would use your artistic talents to showcase how important Valley’s work is. Creations include;

  • Taking photos of our horses
  • Cartoons
  • Sketches
  • Posters
  • Paintings featuring horses helping people
  • A short story about a horse hero
  • A letter to a frontline worker participating in our Front Line Heroes program thanking them for the work they do


Micro-Volunteering is not a new phenomenon—it is pitching in when you can, however you can. Some tasks you may end up doing as a Micro-Volunteer are;

  • Barn work & maintenance
  • Lawn care & trail maintenance 
  • Office and administrative duties 
  • Board and/or committee membership 
  • Sorting recycling