Self Management B.C

Self Management BC trains volunteers and Health professionals how to use self-management support techniques to use when interacting with their patients. They also provide assistance to the families of people with chronic issues and contribute to improving the health of these people.

Programs Offered

Better Choices, Better Health Online

This is an online workshop with up to 25 people in it that offers techniques on how to deal with multiple different types of self management issues. It also talks about ways to deal with specific diseases.

Health Coach Program

The Self-Management Health Coach Program is a free, telephone-based coaching program to support people living with chronic conditions to become better self-managers.

Tool Kit for Active Living

This kit is for learning how to manage the physical and emotional impact of living with chronic conditions can be challenging. It is also offered over calls.

Virtual Self-Management Programs

The program gives you the skills to coordinate all the things needed to manage your health, as well as help you keep active in your life and relationships.