Loving Compassion Africa

Loving Compassion Africa is focused on transforming the lives of children, single mothers, handicapped individuals,  and others that are living in extreme poverty.  Food, shelter, and quality education are vital for a person to break the cycle of generational poverty.

Transform Lives with Food Shelter and Education

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Social Media,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Fundraising Events,
  • Door to Door Campaigns

Child Education Sponsorship

We are dedicated to breaking the generational poverty cycle, one child at a time.  Studies show every year of education a child receives increases their life expectancy, health, and chance of employment after secondary/post-secondary education.  This opportunity transforms not only their own life but positively impacts their families and communities.

Food Programs

Malnutrition stunts growth, brain development, decreases our immune system, and hampers a child’s ability to learn, focus and even attend school.  Help feed a child, family, community today.

Loving Compassion Africa Society (LCAS) helps provide emergency food on an ongoing basis.  We help sponsored individuals and families by providing food staples on a monthly basis, and we run lunch programs in schools

Other Programs

Sponsor a School or Classroom

Education breaks the cycle of poverty, but it must also be a quality education.  Overcrowding, lack of educational equipment, text books, materials and supplies, poor funding are to name a few of the problems that marginalized schools in the slums face.

Transform one life today and help someone reach their full potential.   

Loving Compassion Africa works with individuals to help provide the opportunity to become self providing and independent.  We have helped set up small businesses, provided wheelchairs to those in need and provided sanitary pads to school girls, so they don’t miss school.  LCAS and TRESGAD also partner to provide programs to the most vulnerable.: pregnant and breast feeding mothers, babies and toddlers, and ‘grandmas

Congolese Refugee Camp, outside Nairobi

​In February 2023, Loving Compassion Africa (LCA) expanded our reach into a Congolese Refugee Camp in a rural area out side Nairobi. The Congolese, as they are not citizens of Kenya, are not able to attend public school, are not being hired by most businesses and struggle to survive. Many of the residents in the camp are widows or parents that are trying to raise their own children along with all their nieces and nephews. 


Transform Lives with Food Shelter and Education