Langley Pos-Abilities Society

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Langley Pos-Abilities is a non-profit agency that helps people who are disabled, including those living with mobility issues, hearing loss blindness, plus many other conditions requiring assistive devices.

On-going Services/Projects you can join:

Personal Assistive Devices Program

Equipment Repair Program

  • To offer an equipment repair service
  • To facilitate the process of getting trusted repair
  • To help clients when they cannot transport their broken equipments to the store

Brookswood Plaza Access Collaboration video with SPARC BC

Project in Development in 2021:

Accessibility Map- New Horizons Grant

  • The New Horizons Grant is funding the creation an accessibility map of Langley and neighboring communities
  • This map help the disabled people better paln their daily activities
  • This map will provide information on how accessible a location is and warn of any difficulties those living with disabilities might encounter.
  • Clients will be able to review accessibility information provided by the accessibility map and post their own comments on various locations within their community, informing other users of the map of their experiences there

T.O.A.D. Program

  • T. O. A. D. program is one way that Langley Pos-Abilities educates able-bodied members of our community on what it is like to live with a disability
  • This program includes mutiple games and an obstacle course that highlights the struggles and forward planning involved in living with a disability
  • It will resume when Covid-19 restrictions are removed

Accessibility Audits

  • Our accessibility Audits help us corporate with local companies and organizations to ensure everyone can access our community
  • We take steps by steps: estimating, reporting marks, following up with ourganizations to ensure the improvenments of the accessibility of all the members
  • Helping ensure that your business is accessible to every member of your community
  • We have successfully run this profram with two business and will be officialy launching in 2021
  • Please reach out to Langley Pos-Abilities for more information on how to get an accessibility audit for your business
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2 blindfolded participants Peg Game in school gym