Langley Pos-Abilities Society

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Langley Pos-Abilities is a non-profit agency that helps people who are disabled, including those living with mobility issues, hearing loss blindness, plus many other conditions requiring assistive devices.

Volunteer positions include:

  • General Langley Pos-Abilities Volunteer
  • Board Member
  • Personal Assistive Devices (PAD) Program Driver/Volunteer
  • Student Coordinator
  • Project Lead: Google Ads
  • T.O.A.D Program Volunteer
  • Social Media Coordinator: YouTube
  • Fundraising Committee Member

Volunteer Opportunities

  • General Langley Pos-Abilities Volunteer: This is a general position that offers many different opportunities, such as help needed to organize and run monthly community events.
  • Board Member: An additional board member with leadership experience is needed. Board members attend a meeting once a month and actively contribute to the organization in many ways.
  • Personal Assistive Devices (PAD) Program Driver: This role needs individuals who can pick up donated deliver assistive devices and medical equipment using their own vehicle.
  • Personal Assistive Devices (PAD) Program Volunteer: This role requires individuals who can transport assistive devices to those in need.
  • Student Coordinator: Oversee student volunteers and the student supported projects. Strong leadership skills, communication, and a team-oriented mentality is desired for this role.
  • Project Lead: Google Ads: Volunteers are needed to create and manage Langley Pos-Abilities’ Google Ad campaigns. This includes reformatting their website, search engine optimization, and campaign management.
  • T.O.A.D Program Volunteer: Volunteers are needed to organize, set up, and help out with the Try On A Disability Program. This includes organizing small and large events and facilitating the event to all members of the community.
  • Social Media Coordinator: YouTube: A volunteer with experience in videography, video editing, and content creation is needed to help start their many video projects and manage their YouTube channel.
  • Fundraising Committee Member: Volunteers who have experience in fundraising and networking with various donors are needed to create fundraising strategies and organize fundraising events.

On-going Services/Projects you can join:

Personal Assistive Devices Program

  • To improve the life quality of disabled people and to donate assistive equipment to clients who cannot afford
  • Volunteers are encouraged their own vehicles once/twice a month, and we need more volunteers to support our community

Equipment Repair Program

  • To offer an equipment repair service and facilitate the process of getting trusted repair
  • To help clients when they cannot transport their broken equipments to the store

Brookswood Plaza Access Collaboration video with SPARC BC

Projects in Development in 2021:

Accessibility Map- New Horizons Grant

  • The New Horizons Grant is funding the creation an accessibility map of Langley and neighbouring communities to help the disabled people better plan their daily activities
  • This map will provide information on how accessible a location is and warn of any difficulties those living with disabilities might encounter

T.O.A.D. Program

  • T. O. A. D. program is one way that Langley Pos-Abilities educates able-bodied members of our community on what it is like to live with a disability: includes multiple games plus an obstacle course that highlights the struggles and forward planning involved in living with a disability

Accessibility Audits

  • Accessibility Audits help us corporate with local companies and organizations to ensure everyone can access our community
  • Steps are taken: estimating, reporting marks, following up with organizations to ensure the improvements of the accessibility of all the members

Volunteer with Langley Pos-Abilities Society to make a difference in our community!