Langley Little Theatre

The Langley Little Theatre is a new theatre that is a blend of Surrey Little Theatre and Langley Players Drama Club. This theatre is located at the Langley Playhouse, and strives to provide live stage performances for anyone in the community! About 5 plays a year are held, and anyone can volunteer in a choice of many roles.

Roles that volunteers are needed for include:

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Lighting Design
  • Stage Manager
  • Sound Design
  • Lighting & Sound Operators
  • Programs / Poster Design
  • Set Design / Construction / Decoration
  • Front of House

Get Involved

  • Everyone is encouraged to audition, but not everyone may want to perform onstage during shows. However, there are many other opportunities to be involved with the Langley Little Theatre.
  • No matter what your interests may be, there are so many roles to take part in that all contribute to the amazing productions.
  • Volunteering at Langley Little Theatre gives the opportunity to meet new people, give back to the community, and have fun while doing it!

Jobs Available for All

So many behind the scenes roles are needed during each production!

  • No production/performance would be successful without all of the roles and the people helping out. There are many jobs that need to be done in the theatre which are very important.
  • You can volunteer for one production, or all of them! Any assistance is greatly desired and helpful.
  • On the job training is provided for every role, or partners are provided to share a project. This experience is very enjoyable and gives the opportunity to learn more about the theatre!

Many Different Positions / Roles

  • Each volunteer job has a different level of commitment. However, there are many positions to help out on and to choose based on how much time desired to dedicate.
  • Some key positions include sound, lighting, and set design, director, producer, stage manager, set construction and decoration team, props, costumes, and much more!

Join the Langley Little Theatre team to be a part of their stage productions, whether it’s onstage or backstage!

Member participation is our driving force.

Langley Little Theatre