The Immigrant Service Society of BC is one of the biggest immigrant-serving agencies in Canada in which provide services for refugees and immigrants. With the assistance from staff, volunteers, and the community, 20,000 clients each year are given employment, education, and settlement services.

Volunteers are needed to help in:

  • Workshop assistance
  • Interpretation / translation
  • Conversation circle facilitation
  • Settlement mentoring

Donate today: Many types of donations are accepted, including donating gift cards and cars, supporting refugee entrepreneurs, and revival during COVID-19.

Supporting membership: Fill out a membership application form!

Get Involved With ISSofBC!

Join the team: All applicants are welcome and equal employment opportunities are provided to work in the culturally-diverse workplace of ISSofBC.

Volunteer: Make a huge contribution to help immigrants and refugees build a new life in Canada. Dedicate your time and effort to many enjoyable activities to assist in supporting newcomers!

Core Values

  • Every person has the basic, natural right to be treated with dignity
  • An inclusive society is a strong society; with the promotion of acceptance and mutual respect, the lives and futures of immigrants, as well as Canada will be built stronger
  • The commitment to create a welcoming and hospitable environment for immigrants which facilitates their integration in Canada
  • Each individual’s path to self-sufficiency and integration has to be based on acceptance and recognition of that person’s unique needs and desires

Join over 2000 active volunteers to help immigrants and refugees build a new life in Canada!