Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation

The Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation creates public awareness of Fibromyalgia, and gives Fm sufferers the hope that their life is worth living. They are dedicated to provide subsidized housing that accommodates the energy levels of Fm sufferers, as well as starting a project in which will fund a village for Fm sufferers in Langley, BC. The Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation Thrift Shoppe also raises funds for the foundation. There are many ways to help out, such as donating money and cars, fundraising, becoming a member, and even volunteering!

Volunteers are desired to help with:

  • Desktop publishing with experience in Excel, Word and Publisher
  • Thrift Shoppe merchandizing
  • Cashier for Thrift Shoppe
  • Marketplace support for special items

The Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity that was founded to assist those living with fibromyalgia to possess a more enriching life. Support group meetings and a thrift shoppe are operated by the foundation, and members and volunteers dedicate their time to help and spread awareness!

How You Can Help

  • Donating funds to support the building of the village is greatly appreciated. Donations can be made through, PayPal, calling the foundation (778-278-3697), or mailing a cheque made payable to the Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation.
  • Donate a Car Canada accepts vehicle donations for the Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation, and it will be either be recycled or auctioned to benefit the foundation. Click here to donate a vehicle, and a tax receipt will be sent to you after your donation is complete.
  • Fundraising is also a huge part of helping the foundation, and funds are raised by selling the Watkins products line. Donated merchandise is also appreciated for raffles, silent auctions, or garage sales.
  • Becoming a member and/or volunteering your time is a huge contribution to the Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation as well!

Becoming a Member

  • As a member, you’d be supporting the organization dedicated to helping fibromyalgia sufferers live their lives to the fullest. The feedback from the membership with help the Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation find and spread information about the health methods for fibromyalgia sufferers and their families, friends, caregivers, and more.
  • You will receive updates and info about the foundation, discounts on available health products, news about the FWSF Thrift Shoppe, help with disability tax credit application, and much more!
  • Individual memberships are $10 per person, and corporate memberships are $50 per business. You will have the opportunity to attend the Support Group meetings and be a voting member at the Annual General Meeting.

Volunteers are greatly needed to help with events, the thrift shoppe, and much more! Join their team and dedicate your time to help out!

For more info, email or call 778-278-3697 for more details!