Critter Care Wildlife Society

Critter Care Wildlife Society specializes in the treatment, care and release of sick, injured and orphaned Native Mammal species of British Columbia’s Southern and Lower Mainland. Critter Care runs a facility in Langley that requires a lot of support. They are always looking for passionate volunteers to help them with:

  • Fundraising
  • Animal care
  • Landscaping
  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance

Critter Care Wildlife Society is volunteer driven and dependent on the public to help further their success. Help in any way possible to support the Critter Care Wildlife Society!

  • Education: Assist with growing Critter Care Wildlife Society’s education programs with their Education Coordinators.
  • Marketing: Support in the area of marketing or grant writing.
  • Legal and Accounting Board Governance: Critter Care Wildlife Society is always in need of legal and accounting support.
  • Celebrity: Any local debutante or international star is needed to support through voluntary appearance or even donation of memorabilia.
  • Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, and Maintenance: Tasks include building and plumbing new cages, repairing and replacing old ones, remodelling and making examination facilities better, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many volunteering opportunities are offered at Critter Care Wildlife Society, and the contributions of volunteers and their support are greatly valued.

  • Fundraising: With all of the areas of fundraising, help is needed.
  • Animal Care: Tasks include cleaning cages, laundry, food prep, washing dishes, washing animal carriers, and disposing of garbage. (You must be comfortable with handling dead chicks and rabbits to feed to the animals in food prep)
  • Landscaping: Keep landscaping looking healthy for the screening of enclosures and the health of the environment. This opportunity is perfect for anyone who loves gardening and being outdoors.

Other Ways to Support

  • Doing a Co-opship or an Internship; a hands on experience with the babies and dedication of time and care to Critter Care.
  • Donations are greatly appreciated to help out the Society.
  • Sponsoring an animal!

Volunteer at Critter Care Wildlife Society and take part in a variety of opportunities to support them and their animals!